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Leaving to escape
Windmills on the southern plain
Hum your name

49 palms muddled over my words
Wait for more

Sleep alone
Start all over

Visions flood my mind
So the sins come alive
In the blurring light

Thought I saw your face
Watching broken fingers placed
Blind now we’ve chased

Sleep alone
Start all over

A fire then the flood
Could something wrong be something good?
Do you think you should?

I would rather love
Someone I couldn’t touch
Than give us up

Sleep alone
Start all over

So I dwell
On going wild again

I love what you do
But I can’t get out from under you
So I don’t try

Sleep alone
Start all over

So I dwell
On going wild again


Local Natives

What the fuck does this mean.. if that wasn’t outright enough #fortune #truth #life (Taken with Instagram)

"People die of common sense, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame."

Lord Henry- The Picture of Dorian Gray


The REAL Foxy Shazam

Directed by Ryan Mackfall.

Eric and I were sat down and he said “check out this poem I wrote man”. From there this idea came. These 6 people are more singular than anyone I’ve ever met, and through that they make up one of the most interesting and amazing bands of our time. They are going to be massive.

Gummibär: XXXVI


Tonight, the moon is a waning silver crescent in the middle of a wet murky sky and you, you are thinking of all the things he once said to you — especially the ones he didn’t mean — and all the places on your body those words have attached themselves to, made a little home there. Look — there are…

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Home, was always quiet ‘til the sun went down.
But we were stowaways.
Yeah, we were so afraid.

So, we ran out of town.
From everyone who was calling us out.
Relax, relax.
Exhale and breathe, just breathe for me.

You are the earth beneath my feet,
You are my gravity.
Cause lately I’ve been tired and uninspired.
Cause lately I’ve been tired, oh-so tired.


My American Heart


so relevant :/

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we take the customary puff puff pass
to my sister on the clockwise path brother make it last
light up the green revolution institution built on vague superstition
shouldn’t keep us from plans
i love the city when the sky scrapers rise from our lungs
and our systematic woes dive taking the past
and all our friends come together
burning human inhibition at the heart of a cooped up land

we watch the moon cascade correlate automatic
cycle through the phases of the earth’s days
time was a child struggling now is a teacher
showing us the benefits of the new and old ways
and now we see that all the worries we are housing
are projections of the old self living aloud
but when i take it by the second i can move through the present
confident with my good mates holding me proud

puff puff pass
puff puff pass



I needed this.